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TRANQUIL ELUSIONS offers travel information on a wide range of destinations. Learn about your destination today and contact us for a quote.


Rich in culture and history, there is so much to discover across Europe.  With 47 countries to choose from, you can tour the Vatican in Italy, walk the brightly colored umbrella street of Agueda in Portugal or visit the world-class beaches and islands of Greece.   You can dine at the finest restaurants in England, sip wine from the best vineyards in Portugal and enjoy the top desserts in France.  Enjoy the elegant architecture Vienna in Austria, the amazing artworks of the Louvre, and the picturesque views of the Ireland countryside.  No matter what you are looking for, with our tailored vacations, you are sure to find it in Europe!  


From the rainforest of the Congo, desert lands of the Sahara and breathtaking beaches of Seychelles, Africa boast a broad range of terrain and lands for the most unique travel experiences you can imagine.  Marvel at the Baobab trees of Madagascar, take an African safari across the Serengeti to experience the most loved and feared animals in the world, and take a camel ride to the pyramids of Giza.  Your options to experience the people, lands and wonders that make up Africa are endless!  Whatever adventure you want to undertake, we will design a vacation package specifically made just for you. 


The famed Land Down Under gives way to the perfect blend of city and nature.  The diversity of Australia and the surrounding islands of New Zealand and Papua New Guinea allow for cultural experiences with the world’s oldest civilizations and indigenous peoples as well as exploring its modern cosmopolitan cities. With its exotic wildlife experiences, stunning lands and seascapes, you’ll be able to knock everything off of your Australian bucket list.  


As the largest and most populated continent in the world, Asia is the ultimate experience in ancient history blended with modern technology, to bring you the most eclectic and top luxury traveling experience around.  From Singapore to Bangkok, Mumbai to Dubai and Istanbul to Seoul and the Maldives, Asia is the perfect opportunity to take cultural tours, religious journeys and culinary travel experiences.  Just pick your destination and we’ll do the rest!


Latin America is a region full of stunning architectural wonders and culture from many diverse influences. Home to many cosmopolitan cities, lush jungles and beautiful beaches, the list of things to see and adventures to be had are limitless.  You can experience the celebration of Carnaval in Brazil, explore the Uyuni Salt Flats of Bolivia, Amazon rainforest or three of the current Wonders of the World Machu Picchu in Peru, Christ the Redeemer in Brazil and the Mayan Ruins in Mexico.  With its party loving coastal towns, booming nightlife and big city allure, Latin America is a perfect vacation spot for many thrill seekers. 


Travel to the South Pacific is a bucket lister’s dream!  Dreamy turquoise blue waters, lush tropical islands and white sand beaches are the ideal features for an exotic luxury travel experience.  Fiji, Tahiti, Bora Bora and Mo’orea are a few islands known for their overwater villas and fine luxury resort accommodations.  Home to warm welcoming people, the relaxed rhythm of the islands give way to a laid back feeling that lends to the appeal of these beautiful destinations.  Coupled with fine dining, sought after excursions and private travel experiences, travel to the South Pacific is a must do on the travel list!  


Antarctica offers a wealth of amazing activities, landscapes and wildlife excursions.  Being the driest, coldest and windiest locations in the world, it is a land perfect for adventure.  You can choose from once in a lifetime experiences such as kayaking the island of South Georgia, whale and penguin watching, and mountain climbing.  Our planned guided tours and cruises will allow you to witness some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet.  A trip to Antarctica is like no other! 


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